Jump In!

The Daniel’s family owns a boxing gym and Izzy Daniels is in line to be the third generation of boxers in his family to win the Golden Gloves. When Izzy is instructed by his father to take his little sister, Karin, to a double dutch tournament in which their neighbor, and Izzy’s crush, Mary, participates with her team, the “Joy Jumpers”, Izzy discovers that double dutch takes talent and creativity. Feeling the pressure of boxing, Izzy joins Mary’s double dutch team when a member quits, allowing them to compete in city’s and requests their name be changed to the “Red Hot Chillie Steppers

.” They also share their first kiss on the fire escape soon after the team is completed with the addition of Izzy. While secretly practicing in the family gym one day, Rodney, the Brooklyn neighborhood bully, snaps shots of Izzy and posts them on pink paper all over school with the word LOSER written all over them. When Izzy’s father finds these papers in Izzy’s trash, he questions if that is the reason Izzy’s head has not been in the ring. Izzy learns that he needs to follow his hearts because all he will ever do involves “20% talent and 80% heart.” He learns his family will be there to support him in his decisions and he must do things because he wants to and not because it is someone else’s dream. He learns about sportsmanship and good character as well.

Jump In!

Title: Jump In!

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport

    Directors: Hoen, Paul


  • Bleu, Corbin as Izzy Daniels
  • Palmer, Keke as Mary
  • Reivers, David as Kenneth Daniels
  • Knowles, Shanica as Shauna Keaton
  • Greene, Laivan as Keisha Ray
  • Russell, Kylee as Karin Daniels
  • Johnson Jr., Patrick as Rodney Tyler
  • Williams, Micah as L”il Earl Jackson
  • Mandela, Jujube as Yolanda Brooks
  • Elsadig, Mazin as Chuck Coley
  • Mack, Gene as Felix
  • Williams, Rebecca as Tammy Lewis
  • Brancati, Paula as Gina
  • Cannito, Alessandra as Elizabeth
  • Downs, Elle as MC

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