Joe’s Apartment

Joe comes from Iowa to New York and, being short of money, wants to find an apartment with very low rent. His quest is successful, but he must share the residence with some 50,000 cockroaches. The insects turn out to be Joe’s best friends.

Joe's Apartment

Title: Joe’s Apartment

Release Date: 1996

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

    Directors: Payson, John


  • O”Connell, Jerry as Joe
  • Ward, Megan as Lily Dougherty
  • West, Billy as Ralph Roach
  • Hudlin, Reginald as Rodney Roach
  • Turner, Jim as Walter Shit/Cockroach
  • Denton, Sandra ”Pepa” as Blank
  • Vaughn, Robert as Senator Dougherty
  • Ho, Don as Alberto Bianco
  • Sterling, Jim as Jesus/Cockroach
  • Mahmud-Bey, Shiek as Vlad
  • Huddleston, David as P.I. Smith
  • Bello, Frank as Stick-Up Man #1
  • Kayson, Lord as Stick-Up Man #2
  • Molina, Alejandro as Stick-Up Man #3
  • Ezell, Wayman as Apartment Broker #1

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