A college art class is given a bizarre assignment—they are each given part of a mannequin which they must decorate according to their own personal fears. They then reassemble the pieces and dub the resulting figure “Jigsaw.” During a drunken celebration, the students burn the figure as an effigy—but somewhere along the line, Jigsaw is given the gift of life and rises to brutally slaughter its creators


Title: Jigsaw

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Horror


  • Adams, Don
  • Picardi, Harry James


  • Walz, Barrett as Colin
  • Bravo, Aimee as Tawny
  • Zifkin, Mia as Val
  • Simone, Arthur as Eddie
  • Lindow, Maren as Louise
  • Palmer, James as Todd
  • Vollmers, Mark as Sneaky Pete
  • Cooper, David Wesley as Art
  • Adams, Marissa as Kimmy
  • Ellis, Brian as Jigsaw
  • Miller, Lance as Tawny”s Fan
  • Berna, Tom as Big Spender
  • Stein III, Clem as Peeking Man
  • Stein, Allison as Jealous Girlfriend
  • Spang, Joe as Guy Catching Hat

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