A conflict develops between a troubled Vietnam veteran and the sister he lives with when she becomes involved romantically with the army buddy who reminds him of the tragic battle they both survived.


Title: Jacknife

Release Date: 1989

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Jones, David Hugh


  • De Niro, Robert as Joseph ”Jacknife” Megessey
  • Baker, Kathy as Martha Flannigan
  • Harris, Ed as David ”High School” Flannigan
  • Shelton, Sloane as Shirley
  • Ivar Brogger as Depot Mechanic
  • Arkin, Michael as Dispatcher
  • Isbell, Tom as Bobby ”Red Sox” Buckman
  • Taylor, Kirk as Helicopter Gunner
  • Lund, Jordan as Tiny
  • Dutton, Charles S. as Jake, Veteran Encounter Group Leader
  • Ramsay, Bruce as Corridor Student
  • Gilsig, Jessalyn as His Girlfriend
  • Gerdes, George as Tony
  • Pais, Josh as Rick
  • Dellar, Lois as Cocktail Waitress

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