It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

On a hilly highway in the California desert are three cars and a truck. In one car are Russell Finch, his wife Emeline, and her obnoxious mother; in another car are Melville Crump and his wife Monica; in another are two pals, Dingman “Dingy” Bell and his obese friend Benjy Benjamin; and in the truck is delivery driver Leonard “Lennie” Pike. Suddenly the four vehicles are nearly struck by a wildly fleeing car that smashes through the guardrail and plummets down the embankment. The other vehicles stop and the men rush to help the injured driver, who turns out to be a wanted felon, “Smiler” Grogan, who is fatally injured and whose dying words to his would-be rescuers are an alert that a large case with hundreds of thousands of dollars is to be found buried beneath “a big W.” A detective arrives at the scene and questions the men, who all explain that they could make no sense of what Grogan was saying. But after the detective and his partner leave, the men begin wondering if Grogan’s dying words are true, and eventually a series of wild misadventures ensues as the four parties begin searching for the mysterious “big W,” find it and the treasure – and find themselves facing potential arrest at the hands of area police captain G.C. Culpepper.

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Title: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Release Date: 1963

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama

    Directors: Kramer, Stanley


  • Tracy, Spencer as Capt. C. G. Culpepper
  • Berle, Milton as J. Russell Finch
  • Caesar, Sid as Melville Crump, DDS
  • Hackett, Buddy as Benjy Benjamin
  • Merman, Ethel as Mrs. Marcus
  • Rooney, Mickey as Ding ”Dingy” Bell
  • Shawn, Dick as Sylvester Marcus
  • Silvers, Phil as Otto Meyer
  • Terry-Thomas as Lt.Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
  • Winters, Jonathan as Lennie Pike
  • Adams, Edie as Monica Crump
  • Provine, Dorothy as Emeline Marcus-Finch
  • Anderson, Eddie ”Rochester” as Second cab driver
  • Backus, Jim as Tyler Fitzgerald
  • Blue, Ben as Biplane pilot

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