Invisible, The

Two young teens’ real selves are invisible to others, one due to his untimely death and the other due to the neglect she’s endured since the death of her mother.

Invisible, The

Title: Invisible, The

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Goyer, David S.


  • Chatwin, Justin as Nick Powell
  • Levieva, Margarita as Annie Newton
  • Harden, Marcia Gay as Diane Powell
  • Marquette, Chris as Pete
  • O”Loughlin, Alex as Marcus Bohem
  • Rennie, Callum Keith as Detective Brian Larson
  • Harrison, Michelle as Detective Kate Tunney
  • Kennedy, Ryan as Matty
  • Francis, Andrew as Dean
  • Johnson, P. Lynn as Sharon Egan
  • Houde, Serge as Martin Egan
  • Zurowski, Desiree as Lindy Newton
  • Houghton, Mark as Jack Newton
  • Ferris, Alex as Victor Newton
  • Saulnier, Tania as Suzie

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