Into the Blue

Jared Cole and his girlfriend Sam Nicholson are a young couple living in the Caribbean. Jared is an unemployed diver whose dream is to find treasure in the Caribbean Sea and Sam works at a local resort as a shark handler. When Jared’s best friend Bryce Dunn, a selfish New York lawyer and his new girlfriend Amanda Collins arrive, the two couples spend a couple of days experiencing paradise. But, they discover an airplane on the sea floor that crashed during a hurricane and they find the cargo on-board the airplane is cocaine. Jared and Sam’s lives are in danger, when Bryce and Amanda make a deal with a dangerous drug lord who wants the cocaine. Jared’s rival, Treasure Hunter Derek Bates learns what they are doing and tries to negotiate the cocaine to raise money for a expedition where he intends to find a sunken boat with treasure. Jared, Sam, Bryce, and Amanda find themselves racing against time to find the shipwreck before somebody else does.

Into the Blue

Title: Into the Blue

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Stockwell, John


  • Walker, Paul as Jared
  • Alba, Jessica as Sam
  • Caan, Scott as Bryce
  • Scott, Ashley as Amanda
  • Brolin, Josh as Bates
  • Frain, James as Reyes
  • Beckford, Tyson as Primo
  • Dwayne Adway as Roy
  • Frazer, Javon as Danny
  • Taloa, Chris as Quinn
  • Bowleg Jr., Peter R.V. as Jake
  • McIntosh, Clifford as Kash
  • Collins, Adam as Raolo
  • Montie, Gill as Big Dave
  • Ballard, Dan as Scuba Bob

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