Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

After a frightening escape from death at the hands of Chinese gangster Lao Che in Shanghai, Indiana Jones & 2 companions, Short Round (Quan) and Willie Scott (Capshaw) board a freight plane to escape. Over the Himalayas, the pilots dump the fuel, and Indy discovers they are in serious trouble when the plane’s engines start to stall. Parachuting out of the plane in a life raft, they survive a 300-foot fall into a raging mountain river and its rapids. They are now in India, and as their raft heads down river they are met by an Indian shaman, who leads them to his village where people are starving, crops are blighted, and there is not a single child! Indy’s mastery of their language helps him learn that a sacred stone was taken by some strange men, which caused all the problems facing the villagers now. Short Round & Indy figure out that the missing stone is one of the Sankara stones, which are supposed to have a magical effect on whomever possesses them. The shaman sends them on a mission to Pankot Palace, which once housed the Thuggee cult. After a series of near-death encounters, Indy & the others discover the Temple of Doom, where the human sacrifices to Kali – the Thuggee goddess of death – are carried out, as well as a mine that has enslaved the children of the Shaman’s village. Indy must get the stone back and free the children from the Thuggees and their psychopathic high priest, Mola Ram (Puri). What follows are several spectacular fights, a frightening chase through a mine shaft in tiny mine cars, and a bridge collapse 100 feet above a river filled with crocodiles! Hang on – and enjoy!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Title: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Release Date: 1984

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller



  • Ford, Harrison as Indiana Jones
  • Capshaw, Kate as Wilhelmina ”Willie” Scott
  • Quan, Jonathan Ke as Short Round
  • Puri, Amrish as Mola Ram
  • Seth, Roshan as Chattar Lal
  • Stone, Philip as Captain Blumburtt
  • Chiao, Roy as Lao Che
  • Yip, David as Wu Han
  • Young, Rick as Kao Kan
  • Kahjoo, Chua as Chen
  • Ngui, Rex as Maitre d”
  • Tan, Philip as Chief Henchman
  • Aykroyd, Dan as Earl Weber
  • Mitamura, Dr. Akio as Chinese Pilot
  • Yama, Michael as Chinese Co-Pilot

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