In the Land of Women

Devastated over his breakup with his girlfriend, Carter Webb leaves L.A. to stay with his wacky Grandma in her suburban Detroit home, across the street from the Hardwicke family. As Carter struggles to reconcile his own inner conflicts, he is drawn into the pains and loves of the Hardwicke women — all of whom, in their way, fall in love with Carter, and all of whom, in their way, help him find his way back.

In the Land of Women

Title: In the Land of Women

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Drama, Romance

    Directors: Kasdan, Jon


  • Anaya, Elena as Sofia Buñuel
  • Brody, Adam as Carter Webb
  • Keel, Kelsey as Teenage Girl #1
  • Savre, Danielle as Teenage Girl #2
  • Mantegna, Gina as Teenage Girl #3
  • Reinis, Rob as Avi Rosenberg
  • Williams, JoBeth as Agnes Webb
  • Vega, Makenzie as Paige Hardwicke
  • Stewart, Kristen as Lucy Hardwicke
  • Ryan, Meg as Sarah Hardwicke
  • Dukakis, Olympia as Phyllis
  • Milligan, Dustin as Eric Watts
  • Wardle, Graham as Gabe Foley
  • Gatien, Elise as Tiffany
  • Danielle, Christine as Tanya

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