House of Wax

A sculptor of wax figures for a museum is horrified when his partner proposes setting fire to the unpopular museum in order to collect the insurance money. As the wax figures melt amid the blaze, the two men have a fight. The sculptor is knocked out in the scuffle and left to “perish” among the flames. He resurfaces many years later for the launch of his own wax museum. The opening coincides with the sudden disappearance of some dead bodies from the city morgue. His assistant begins to suspect his boss of foul play, especially after the deranged wizard of wax begins eyeing his assistant’s lovely girlfriend’s friend as a model for a waxed figure of Marie Antoinette.

House of Wax

Title: House of Wax

Release Date: 1953

Genres: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: De Toth, André


  • Price, Vincent as Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • Lovejoy, Frank as Lt. Tom Brennan
  • Kirk, Phyllis as Sue Allen
  • Jones, Carolyn as Cathy Gray
  • Picerni, Paul as Scott Andrews
  • Roberts, Roy as Matthew Burke
  • Clarke, Angela as Mrs. Andrews
  • Cavanagh, Paul as Sidney Wallace
  • Greer, Dabbs as Sgt. Jim Shane
  • Bronson, Charles as Igor
  • Rymal, Reggie as The barker

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