The “Little Red Hiding Hood” fairytale gets an imaginative update. After The Wolf (Patrick Warburton) is found at Granny’s charged with an intent to eat an investigation starts up by Nick Fippers (David Odgen Stiers). Red (Anne Hathaway), The Wolf (Warburton), The Woodsman (Jim Beluchi) and Granny (Glenn Close) give their stories, Flippers and Cheif Grizzly (Xzibit) and the rest of the police try to find out who is the Goodie Bandit

. Bill: Anthony Anderson, Twitchy: Cory Edwards, Boingo: Andy Dick.


Title: Hoodwinked!

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family


  • Edwards, Cory
  • Edwards, Todd
  • Leech, Tony


  • Close, Glenn as Granny
  • Hathaway, Anne as Red
  • Belushi, James as The Woodsman
  • Warburton, Patrick as The Wolf
  • Anderson, Anthony as Det. Bill Stork
  • Stiers, David Ogden as Nicky Flippers
  • Xzibit as Chief Grizzly
  • Palminteri, Chazz as Woolworth the Sheep
  • Dick, Andy as Boingo
  • Edwards, Cory as Twitchy
  • Edwards, Todd as Sandwich Man
  • Edwards, Tye as Dolph
  • Gaither, Benjy as Japeth the Goat
  • Greene, Joshua J. as Jimmy Lizard
  • Marino, Ken as Raccoon Jerry

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