Hard Word, The

Three fraternal bank robbers languishing in jail, discover a profitable (if not dodgy) way to spend their time. Crime can most certainly pay, if you “know wot I mean?” However when sex and greed rear-up between the good crims and the bad cops, the consequences are both bizarre and fatal.

Hard Word, The

Title: Hard Word, The

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Roberts, Scott


  • Pearce, Guy as Dale
  • Griffiths, Rachel as Carol
  • Taylor, Robert as Frank
  • Edgerton, Joel as Shane
  • Richardson, Damien as Mal
  • Findleton, Rhondda as Jane
  • Atkinson, Kate as Pamela
  • Colosimo, Vince as Kelly
  • Sonkkila, Paul as O”Riordan
  • Gyngell, Kym as Paul
  • Nkono, Dorian as Tarzan
  • Whittaker, Stephen as Rawson
  • Neilson, Torquil as Mick
  • Bridges, Don as Doug
  • Bowles, Doug as Bill

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