Guns of Navarone, The

1943. With the battle of Stalingrad turning the war against them, the Germans are attempting to bully neutral Turkey into joining the Axis; to this end they have trapped 2,000 British soldiers on Kiros, an island in the Aegean, with only one sea route for evacuation, a sea route commanded by two gigantic German antiship batteries deployed in a massive cliffside bunker on the island of Navarone. Immune to air attack and too much for Allied battleships to suppress, the British muster Keith Mallory, a commando officer who has been working on occupied Crete for nearly two years and who is an expert mountaineer, to ferry a team of British commandos to the only area of Navarone that is not monitored by the Germans, a 400-foot cliff. Greek resistance is to meet the team inland and guide them around German patrols to the area of the German guns. However, the commanding officer of the British team suffers grave injury in the climb and Mallory must take control of the mission, despite clashes with explosives expert John Anthony Miller, who upon the arrival of the night of the raid finds his equipment has been sabotaged, thus exposing a traitor in the team’s ranks.

Guns of Navarone, The

Title: Guns of Navarone, The

Release Date: 1961

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, War

    Directors: Lee Thompson, J.


  • Peck, Gregory as Capt. Keith Mallory
  • Niven, David as Cpl. Miller
  • Quinn, Anthony as Col. Andrea Stavros
  • Baker, Stanley as Pvt. ”Butcher” Brown
  • Quayle, Anthony as Maj. Roy Franklin
  • Darren, James as Pvt. Spyros Pappadimos
  • Papas, Irene as Maria Pappadimos
  • Scala, Gia as Anna
  • Justice, James Robertson as Commodore Jensen/Prologue Narrator
  • Harris, Richard as Squadron Leader Howard Barnsby RAAF
  • Forbes, Bryan as Cohn
  • Cuthbertson, Allan as Maj. Baker
  • Trubshawe, Michael as Weaver
  • Herbert, Percy as Sgt. Grogan
  • Mikell, George as Sessler

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