Grifters, The

When con artist Roy Dillon (Cusack) is visited by his Mother, Lilly (Huston), who is also a con artist, she sends Roy off to the hospital because of a blow to the gut he suffered while working the grift. Roy’s girlfriend, Myra (Bening), the third con artist, comes to visit Roy, and we discover that Lilly and Myra don’t get along. After he is released from the hospital, Roy and Myra go on a little trip, where he is propositioned to be partners in crime with Myra. Everything soon falls apart for the three con artists, which leads to a bloody climax.

Grifters, The

Title: Grifters, The

Release Date: 1990

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Frears, Stephen


  • Huston, Anjelica as Lilly Dillon
  • Cusack, John as Roy Dillon
  • Bening, Annette as Myra Langtry
  • Munroe, Jan as Guy at Bar
  • Weems, Robert as Racetrack Announcer
  • Tobolowsky, Stephen as Jeweler
  • Noonan, Jimmy as Bartender
  • Holden, Richard as Cop
  • Jones, Henry as Simms
  • Laskin, Michael as Irv
  • Jones, Eddie as Mintz
  • Baron, Sandy as Doctor
  • Hancock, Lou as Nurse
  • Sartain, Gailard as Joe
  • Harling, Noelle as Nurse Flynn

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