For a class project, three self absorbed college students decide to do their project on gossip to track it’s growth. But, first they need some gossip so one night at a nightclub, they spot a guy (Jackson) and a girl (Hudson) making out before the girl passes out. Around the campus the girl is known for not giving out

. The three decide to use that as their base and mix it into her boyfriend raping her when she was passed out. The gossip gets spread to the girl who only remembers passing out at the club. One of her friends suggest that maybe her boyfriend raped her.


Title: Gossip

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Comedy, Drama

    Directors: Guggenheim, Davis


  • Marsden, James as Derrick Webb
  • Headey, Lena as Cathy Jones
  • Reedus, Norman as Travis
  • Hudson, Kate as Naomi Preston
  • Bogosian, Eric as Professor Goodwin
  • Olmos, Edward James as Detective Curtis
  • Jackson, Joshua as Beau Edson
  • Lawrence, Sharon as Detective Kelly
  • Coughlan, Marisa as Sheila
  • Leung, Kwok-Wing as Chinese Man
  • Mif as Doorman
  • Poe as Female Singer
  • Lambert, Vicky as Club Dancer
  • Massey, Kenya as Club Dancer
  • Jenkins, Noam as Bartender

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