Good Night to Die, A

One day in the life of a hit man, Ronnie, who spends it trying to save the life of fellow hit man, August, who he had brought into the business three years ago. August has become a real problem for some of the bosses around town, and Ronnie will soon find out just what his Frankenstein’s monster will cost him.

Good Night to Die, A

Title: Good Night to Die, A

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Action, Comedy, Thriller

    Directors: Singer, Craig


  • Rapaport, Michael as August
  • Stretch, Gary as Ronnie
  • Cassel, Seymour as Guy
  • Givens, Robin as Dana
  • Harry, Deborah as Madison
  • Kazan, Lainie as Diane
  • Macchio, Ralph as Donnie
  • Russo, James as Roy
  • Sheedy, Ally as Marie
  • Whaley, Frank as Chad
  • Cathey, Reg E. as Avi
  • Fortier, Penelope as Paige
  • Dedio, Joey as Petey
  • Bilich, Steve as Leo
  • Caplan, Henry as Maitre” D

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