Glory Road

40 years ago, Don Haskins went on the recruiting trail to find the best talent in the land, black or white. 7 blacks and 5 whites made up the legendary 1965-66 Texas Western Miners. They were mocked and ridiculed for their showboating and flaunting of black players on the court

. Yet, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Haskins and his Miners came together as a team united to reach the National Championship game against powerhouse Kentucky.

Glory Road

Title: Glory Road

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Drama, Sport

    Directors: Gartner, James


  • Lucas, Josh as Don Haskins
  • Luke, Derek as Bobby Joe Hill
  • Nichols, Austin as Jerry Armstrong
  • Voight, Jon as Adolph Rupp
  • Jones, Evan as Moe Iba
  • Kerr, Schin A.S. as David Lattin
  • McAuley, Alphonso as Orsten Artis
  • Brooks, Mehcad as Harry Flournoy
  • Jones III, Sam as Willie Worsley
  • Radcliff, Damaine as Willie ”Scoops” Cager
  • Deschanel, Emily as Mary Haskins
  • Shearer, Al as Nevil Shed
  • West, Red as Ross Moore
  • Weeks, Kip as Togo Railey
  • Eakins, Mitch as Dick Myers

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