Ghost Game

7 Friends go out to cabin for a weekend of relaxing and find a game that should not be opened!

Ghost Game

Title: Ghost Game

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Comedy, Horror

    Directors: Knee, Joe


  • Barreto, Alexandra as Dara
  • Fenner, Shelby as Abbey
  • Cornelius, Curt as Randy
  • Freeman, Aaron Patrick as Sebastian
  • Berson, Robert as Cousin Ted
  • Hartnett, Danielle as Talia
  • Alexander, Jamie as Sportscaster
  • Cilella, Peter as Cousin Nate
  • Woods, Eric as Simon Brady
  • Woods, Eric Scott as Simon Brady
  • D”Amore, Caroline as Rachel
  • Shoup, Sarah as Jessi
  • Silanee, Sahra as Lucy

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