Freedom Strike

National security is in jeopardy when terrorists seize an Iraqi nuclear reactor and threaten to attack American soil. Spearheaded by ace Tomcat pilots, the U.S. launches a surgical strike in a hell-for-leather effort to stop the assault.

Freedom Strike

Title: Freedom Strike

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Action, Drama


  • Jacobs, Jerry P.
  • Goldstein, Allan A.


  • Dudikoff, Michael as Tom Dickson
  • Loc, Tone as Tyler Haynes
  • Waterman, Felicity as Maddie Reese
  • Anthony, Jay as Col. Rama
  • Coster, Nicolas as Adm. Torrance
  • Karen, James as President Mitchell
  • Fairman, Michael as Gen. Porter
  • Roman, Frank as Casey Billups
  • Peyser, Penny as Linda
  • Harper, Ron as Norman
  • Holland, Sean as Gary
  • Van Patten, James as Tactical Action Officer
  • Monroe, Bill Langlois as Capt. Mehl
  • Putch, John as Stanley Shaw
  • Kadi, Nicholas as Lt. Karbala

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