Forever Mine

Two stories, 14 years apart, converge in a suburb of New York. Manuel Esquema, an international financier, whose face is badly scarred, is flying from Miami to help a New York politician negotiate a plea bargain with the Justice Department. Years before, this financier was a fresh-faced cabaña boy at a Miami Beach resort who fell in love with a young woman on holiday with her husband

. The husband is now the pol, and he thinks he dispatched the cabaña boy long ago. What are Esquema’s plans: revenge, mercy, or a complicated plan to seek again the woman’s love?

Forever Mine

Title: Forever Mine

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

    Directors: Schrader, Paul


  • Fiennes, Joseph as Manuel Esquema/Alan Riply
  • Liotta, Ray as Mark Brice
  • Mol, Gretchen as Ella Brice
  • Laresca, Vincent as Javier Cesti
  • Watford, Myk as Rick Martino
  • Connell, Lindsey as Stewardess
  • Johnson, Sean Cw as Randy
  • Proctor, Shawn as Cabana Boy
  • Blackwell, Russell as Business Associate
  • Snowdon, Jocelyn as Young Associate”s Companion
  • Katsuras, Kevi as Julie, Six Year-old Girl
  • Lawson, Shannon as Emily, Julie”s Mother
  • Knight, Ronald as Older Male Executive
  • King, Ginger as Older Male”s Companion
  • Simonett, Ted as Mr. Galen

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