Forever Lulu

Lulu McAfee lives in a San Francisco home for mentally-ill adults. In June 1999, she bolts for L.A. and contacts Ben Clifton, an old flame, now unhappily writing for TV and unhappily married to a psychiatrist, Claire. Ben is ready to call Lulu’s doctor when she tells him they have a son, born after she became ill and their affair ended. He calls Claire to tell her he’s driving Lulu to Wisconsin to meet the boy on his 16th birthday, a visit Lulu claims is arranged. On the drive, Lulu tries to rekindle the affair and restart Ben’s idealism. Meanwhile, Claire boards a plane to Madison to watch her marriage collapse. Is there really a son? What emotional landmines will the trip set off?

Forever Lulu

Title: Forever Lulu

Release Date: 2000

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Kaye, John


  • Griffith, Melanie as Lulu McAfee
  • Bollman, Ryan as Freddie
  • Garlington, Lee as Linda Davis
  • Swayze, Patrick as Ben Clifton
  • Miller, Penelope Ann as Claire Clifton
  • Fairchild, Matthew as Man in Audience
  • Goodman, Elisa as Woman in Audience
  • Lipari, Greg as Book Seller
  • Spector, Daniel Nathan as Clark
  • Ashry, Gabrielle as Hostess – Helena”s
  • Duran, David as Bar Tender – Helena”s
  • Dale, Sarah as Punk Girl
  • Martin, Nan as Lulu Look-Alike
  • Offerman, Nick as Man – Boardner”s
  • Morocco, Beans as Old Man – Boardner”s

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