Flight of the Phoenix

A group of air crash survivors are stranded in the Mongolian desert with no chance of rescue. Facing a brutal environment, dwindling resources, and an attack by desert smugglers, they realize their only hope is doing the impossible... building a new plane from the wreckage of the old one.

Flight of the Phoenix

Title: Flight of the Phoenix

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Adventure

    Directors: Moore, John


  • Quaid, Dennis as Frank Towns
  • Gibson, Tyrese as A.J.
  • Ribisi, Giovanni as Elliott
  • Otto, Miranda as Kelly
  • Curran, Tony as Rodney
  • Fingaz, Sticky as Jeremy
  • Vargas, Jacob as Sammi
  • Laurie, Hugh as Ian
  • Campbell, Scott Michael as Liddle
  • Malikyan, Kevork as Rady
  • Padalecki, Jared as Davis
  • Ditchfield, Paul as Dr. Gerber
  • Hindy, Martin as Newman
  • Brown, Bob as Kyle
  • Wong, Anthony as Lead Smuggler

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