Flesh & Blood

In 1501, in the Western Europe, in a period when the black plague is jeopardizing the populations, an army of mercenary peasants leaded by Martin (Rutger Hauer) fights side-by-side with the noble Arnolfini (Fernando Hilbeck) to retrieve his castle, with the promise of a huge reward. However, the band is betrayed by Arnolfini, and decides to pay him back, assaulting and stealing a caravan under the command of Arnolfini and his son and student, Steven (Tom Burlinson). In one of the wagon is traveling the fiancée of Steven, Agnes (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who is accidentally kidnapped and later raped by the group. Agnes becomes Martin’s mate, and the mercenaries decide to invade a castle, without knowing that the army of Arnolfini is chasing them.

Flesh & Blood

Title: Flesh & Blood

Release Date: 1985

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War

    Directors: Verhoeven, Paul


  • Hauer, Rutger as Martin
  • Leigh, Jennifer Jason as Agnes
  • Burlinson, Tom as Steven
  • Thompson, Jack as Hawkwood
  • Hilbeck, Fernando as Arnolfini
  • Tyrrell, Susan as Celine
  • Lacey, Ronald as Cardinal
  • James, Brion as Karsthans
  • Johnston, John Dennis as Summer
  • Andreu, Simón as Miel
  • Kirby, Bruno as Orbec
  • Courbois, Kitty as Anna
  • Saura, Marina as Polly
  • Veerman, Hans as Father George
  • Wood, Jake as Little John

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