Five Children and It

‘It’ is a Psammead (voiced by Eddie Izzard), an ancient, ugly and irritable sand fairy the children find one day on a secret beach at their uncle’s mansion. It grants them one wish per day, lasting until sunset. But they soon learn it is very hard to think of really sensible wishes, and each one gets them into unexpected difficulties. Magic, the children find, can be as awkward as it is enticing.

Five Children and It

Title: Five Children and It

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

    Directors: Stephenson, John


  • Fitzgerald, Tara as Mother
  • Highmore, Freddie as Robert
  • Jennings, Alex as Father
  • Bailey, Jonathan as Cyril
  • Claridge, Jessica as Anthea
  • Rogers, Poppy as Jane
  • Muggleton, Alec as Lamb
  • Muggleton, Zak as Lamb
  • Wanamaker, ZoĆ« as Martha
  • Branagh, Kenneth as Uncle Albert
  • Pownall, Alexander as Horace
  • Izzard, Eddie as It
  • Serafini, Georgio as Mr. Bialli
  • Sessions, John as Peasemarsh
  • Fenton, Kim as RFC Flier

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