Failure to Launch

Tripp is a thirty-five years old bachelor man that still lives with his parents, Al and Sue. Al and Sue hire the manipulative interventionist Paula to play Tripp’s girlfriend and seduce him, convincing Tripp to move out of their home. Paula and Tripp fall in love for each other, but Tripp’s best friends Ace and Demo accidentally find the truth about Paula and Demo discloses to Tripp, spoiling the plan and their relationship. When Tripp and Paula miss each other, their friends plot a scheme trying to arrange an encounter to fix the situation.

Failure to Launch

Title: Failure to Launch

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Dey, Tom


  • McConaughey, Matthew as Tripp
  • Parker, Sarah Jessica as Paula
  • Deschanel, Zooey as Kit
  • Bartha, Justin as Ace
  • Cooper, Bradley as Demo
  • Bradshaw, Terry as Al
  • Bates, Kathy as Sue
  • Williams, Tyrel Jackson as Jeffrey
  • Winnick, Katheryn as Melissa
  • Corddry, Rob as Gun Salesman
  • Oswalt, Patton as Techie Guy
  • Tobolowsky, Stephen as Bud
  • McGregor-Stewart, Kate as Bev
  • Alexi-Malle, Adam as Mr. Axelrod
  • Cleevely, Gretchen as Veterinarian

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