Eyes Wide Shut

Sexual jolts disrupt Manhattan physician Bill Harford’s equilibrium. At an elegant Christmas party, two “models” hit on him, he watches a Lothario try to pick up his tipsy wife, he aids a woman sprawled naked in a bathroom after an overdose. The next night, his wife reveals sexual fantasies with a stranger; a dead patient’s daughter throws herself at him; as he walks, brooding, six teen boys hurl homophobic insults at him; a streetwalker takes him to her flat; he interrupts men having a sex party with a girl barely in her teens. His odyssey, which next takes him into a world of wealthy sex play at a masked ball of hedonism, threatens his life, his self-respect, and his marriage.

Eyes Wide Shut

Title: Eyes Wide Shut

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

    Directors: Kubrick, Stanley


  • Cumming, Alan
  • Shaw, Vinessa
  • Serbedzija, Rade
  • Masterson, Fay
  • Sobieski, Leelee
  • Cruise, Tom as Dr. William ”Bill” Harford
  • Kidman, Nicole as Alice Harford
  • Eginton, Madison as Helena Harford
  • Sawiris, Jackie as Roz
  • Pollack, Sydney as Victor Ziegler
  • Lowe, Leslie as Illona Ziegler
  • Benson, Peter as Bandleader
  • Field, Todd as Nick Nightingale
  • Doven, Michael as Ziegler”s Secretary
  • Dumont, Sky as Sandor Szavost
  • Taylor, Louise J. as Gayle
  • Thorndike, Stewart as Nuala
  • Paul, Randall as Harris
  • Davis, Julienne as Amanda ”Mandy” Curran
  • Leone, Lisa as Lisa

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