Executive Decision

Some Arabs hijack an airliner and demand the release of their leader who is in American custody. They also intend to land in Washington for refueling. At the Pentagon, everyone there advises the National Security Advisor that they should let the plane land and then let the counter terrorist team of Colonel Austin Travis take them out. But David Grant, an intelligence expert believes that this whole thing is a smokescreen. Grant believes that the Arab leader was abducted by his second in command, who is a fanatic. And that he has in his possession a biological weapon that could wipe out Washington and that it’s on the plane. Now they have only two choices let them land and hope Grant is wrong or shoot the plane down along with every one onboard. Then Colonel Travis suggests that they use this new plane that the military uses to transport men from onto another aircraft while in flight. With no other option Travis is given the go ahead. He then asks that Grant be allowed to!

Executive Decision

Title: Executive Decision

Release Date: 1996

Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

    Directors: Baird, Stuart


  • Russell, Kurt as Dr. Phil. David Grant
  • Seagal, Steven as Lt. Colonel Austin Travis
  • Berry, Halle as Jean, Flight Attendant
  • Leguizamo, John as Captain Rat
  • Platt, Oliver as Dennis Cahill
  • Morton, Joe as Sergeant ”Cappy” Matheny
  • Wong, B. D. as Sergeant Louie
  • Cariou, Len as Secretary of Defense Charles White
  • Hubley, Whip as Sergeant Baker
  • Katsulas, Andreas as El Sayed Jaffa
  • Trainor, Mary Ellen as Allison, Flight Attendant
  • Maples, Marla as Nancy, Flight Attendant
  • Walsh, J. T. as Senator Mavros
  • Neuhaus, Ingo as Doc
  • Jones, William James as Catman

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