Stephen Dorff narrates this tale about how his life goes astray as his character attempts to strike a balance between the demands of directing his first film and the pressures of his new romance with a model. U2’s Bono plays a role in this film as both himself and Dorff’s character’s concience.


Title: Entropy

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Romance

    Directors: Joanou, Phil


  • Dorff, Stephen as Jake Walsh
  • Godrèche, Judith as Stella
  • Macdonald, Kelly as Pia
  • Holly, Lauren as Claire
  • Tenney, Jon as Kevin
  • Vincent, Frank as Sal
  • Guilfoyle, Paul as Andy
  • Elizondo, Hector as The Chairman
  • Poor, Bray as Wyatt
  • Kathryn Erbe as Evan
  • Fiedler, Shannon as Isabelle
  • Tyler, Zach as Lukas
  • Gaffigan, Jim as Bucky
  • Hawksley, Dominic as Pierre
  • De Niro, Drena as Waitress

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