Empire of the Sun

An aristocratic British youth is seperated from his family at the start of World War II after the Japanese Army invades British controlled areas of China. Reduced to living on the street and fighting for food, the youth is eventually interned in a Japanese POW camp for British civilians. Here, admiration quickly develops both for captured American pilots and the Japanese themselves. When the war ends, the boy torn from everything he knew attempts to again find his parents.

Empire of the Sun

Title: Empire of the Sun

Release Date: 1987

Genres: Drama, War

    Directors: Spielberg, Steven


  • Bale, Christian as Jim ”Jamie” Graham
  • Malkovich, John as Basie
  • Richardson, Miranda as Mrs. Victor
  • Havers, Nigel as Dr. Rawlins
  • Pantoliano, Joe as Frank Demarest
  • Phillips, Leslie as Maxton
  • Ibu, Masatô as Sgt. Nagata
  • Richard, Emily as Mary Graham, Jim”s mother
  • Frazer, Rupert as John Graham, Jim”s father
  • Gale, Peter as Mr. Victor
  • Kataoka, Takatoro as Kamikaze Boy Pilot
  • Stiller, Ben as Dainty
  • Neidorf, David as Tiptree
  • Seymour, Ralph as Cohen
  • Stephens, Robert as Mr. Lockwood

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