Cynthia, TV producer, has an idea about how to save the station: A normal person’s life should be broadcasted 24 hours a day. “Ed TV” is born the second her eye falls on Ed Pekurny, a sympathetic Joe Sixpack. After the first week on air Eds fame grows and grows, but conflicts break open: His brother Ray publishes a very negative book about Ed, who now dates Ray’s ex; Ed’s parent’s partnership problematics are broadcasted nationwide and a very attractive and seducing model uses innocent Ed to raise her own fame. Also, Ed’s contract proves to be unquittable, so that Ed Pekurny suddenly can see the golden bars around his cage. But in a country that switches the TV set on for breakfast and off for bedtime, nearly everything can happen – and people can be counted on.


Title: Edtv

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Howard, Ron


  • McConaughey, Matthew as Ed ”Eddie” Pekurny
  • Elfman, Jenna as Shari
  • Harrelson, Woody as Ray Pekurny
  • Kirkland, Sally as Jeanette
  • Landau, Martin as Al
  • DeGeneres, Ellen as Cynthia Topping
  • Reiner, Rob as Mr. Whitaker
  • Hopper, Dennis as Henry ”Hank” Pekurny
  • Hurley, Elizabeth as Jill
  • Goldberg, Adam as John
  • Davis, Viveka as Marcia
  • Howard, Clint as Ken
  • Blake, Geoffrey as Keith
  • Boggs, Gail as Wife
  • Byrne, Jenna as Felicia

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