Cynthia, TV producer, has an idea about how to save the station: A normal person’s life should be broadcasted 24 hours a day. “Ed TV” is born the second her eye falls on Ed Pekurny, a sympathetic Joe Sixpack. After the first week on air Eds fame grows and grows, but conflicts break open: His brother Ray publishes a very negative book about Ed, who now dates Ray’s ex; Ed’s parent’s partnership problematics are broadcasted nationwide and a very attractive and seducing model uses innocent Ed to raise her own fame

. Also, Ed’s contract proves to be unquittable, so that Ed Pekurny suddenly can see the golden bars around his cage. But in a country that switches the TV set on for breakfast and off for bedtime, nearly everything can happen – and people can be counted on.


Title: Edtv

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Howard, Ron


  • McConaughey, Matthew as Ed ”Eddie” Pekurny
  • Elfman, Jenna as Shari
  • Harrelson, Woody as Ray Pekurny
  • Kirkland, Sally as Jeanette
  • Landau, Martin as Al
  • DeGeneres, Ellen as Cynthia Topping
  • Reiner, Rob as Mr. Whitaker
  • Hopper, Dennis as Henry ”Hank” Pekurny
  • Hurley, Elizabeth as Jill
  • Goldberg, Adam as John
  • Davis, Viveka as Marcia
  • Howard, Clint as Ken
  • Blake, Geoffrey as Keith
  • Boggs, Gail as Wife
  • Byrne, Jenna as Felicia

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