Drop Zone

A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents’ files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Snipes lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Butler so he can track them down. DIE HARD meets PASSENGER 57 meets CLIFFHANGER.

Drop Zone

Title: Drop Zone

Release Date: 1994

Genres: Action, Thriller

    Directors: Badham, John


  • Snipes, Wesley as Pete Nessip
  • Busey, Gary as Ty Moncrief
  • Butler, Yancy as Jessie Crossman
  • Jeter, Michael as Earl Leedy
  • Nemec, Corin as Selkirk
  • Secor, Kyle as Swoop
  • Bercovici, Luca as Don Jagger
  • Warner, Malcolm-Jamal as Terry Nessip
  • Zabriskie, Grace as Winona
  • Linn, Rex as Bobby
  • LaSardo, Robert as Deputy Dog
  • Hennings, Sam as Torski
  • Stansfield, Claire as Kara
  • Jones, Mickey as Deuce
  • Romano, Andy as Tom McCracken

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