The daughter of an actor with a high-society woman, Domino Harvey, bored with her life, decides to join the team of Ed Mosley and becomes a bounty hunter. But she gets in trouble when the Mafia’s money is stolen from an armored truck, while Mosley and his crew are in action participating of a reality show produced by Mark Heiss. The situation becomes out of control when the sons of a rival mobster are kidnapped while FBI is monitoring the two gangs of mobsters.


Title: Domino

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Scott, Tony


  • Knightley, Keira as Domino Harvey
  • Rourke, Mickey as Ed Mosbey
  • Ramirez, Edgar as Choco
  • Abbasi, Riz as Alf
  • Lindo, Delroy as Claremont Williams
  • Imes-Jackson, Mo”Nique as Lateesha Rodriguez
  • Ziering, Ian as Himself
  • Green, Brian Austin as Himself
  • Nunez, Joe as Raul
  • Gray, Macy as Lashandra Davis
  • Avery, Shondrella as Lashindra Davis
  • Coleman, Dabney as Drake Bishop
  • Jacobson, Peter as Burke Beckett
  • O”Neill, Kel as Francis
  • Liu, Lucy as Taryn Miles

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