Den of Lions

Character actors Stephen Dorff and Bob Hoskins star in the crime thriller DEN OF LIONS. Hoskins plays Darius Paskevic, leader of an arm of the ruthless Russian mob in Budapest. Mike Varga (Dorff) ingratiates himself into Darius’s inner circle, eventually becoming the gangster’s favorite prodigy and lover to his beautiful daughter Katya. But what Darius doesn’t suspect, and what puts Mike in grave danger, is that his new golden boy is in fact an undercover government agent. DEN OF LIONS is like an international version of DONNIE BRASCO.

Den of Lions

Title: Den of Lions

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Thriller

    Directors: Bruce, James


  • Dorff, Stephen as Mike Varga
  • Hoskins, Bob as Darius Paskevic
  • Fraser, Laura as Katya Paskevic
  • Hart, Ian as Rob Shepard
  • O”Hara, David as Ferko Kurchina
  • Gyabronka, József as Laszlo Juskus
  • McCulloch, Andrew as Gyuarka Kovacs
  • Emery, Tania as Rita
  • Madoc, Philip as Grandpa Marcus
  • Szatmari, Attila as Tomas Nazarov
  • Schultz, Sarah Ann as Anna Nazarova
  • Görög, Zita as Nico
  • Massad, Nabil as Haznl
  • Willox, Robert as Yakov
  • Papadimitriu, Athina as Aunt Bardi

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