Luke and Roger are just another couple of college guys trying to lose their virginity. But when Luke sees something unusual, he begins to suspect that the girls on campus aren’t exactly...human.


Title: Decoys

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Hastings, Matthew


  • Sevier, Corey as Luke
  • von Pfetten, Stefanie as Lilly
  • Poirier, Kim as Constance
  • Toufexis, Elias as Roger
  • Ory, Meghan as Alex
  • Esmer, Enis as Gibby
  • Morin, Krista as Vikki Vickers
  • Trottier, Marc as Bobby Johnson
  • Colak, Carrie as Natasha
  • Burgi, Richard as Detective Francis Kirk
  • Eggert, Nicole as Detective Amanda Watts
  • Hastings, Don as Medical Examiner
  • Smyth, Sarah as Rosedale Princess
  • Graham, Leah as Melody
  • Lobel, Mike as Halloween Jock

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