Death Ride aka Haunted Highway

An American photographer (Gamble) has an affair with a mysterious woman (Yoshikawa), which leads him into a confrontation with the occult.

Death Ride aka Haunted Highway

Title: Death Ride aka Haunted Highway

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Suzuki, Junichi


  • Gamble, Rand as Greg Ross
  • Yoshikawa, Hinano as Yumi
  • Putney, Laura as Amanda Ross
  • Roberts, Adrian as Police Officer
  • Roberts, Adrian N. as Police Man
  • Emmett, Charles as Security Guard
  • Holmes, Dan as Strange Man
  • Goltz, Tiffany as Ghost
  • Andre, Peter as Motorcycle Man
  • Ward, Alison as Make-up girl
  • Forry, Shawn as Assistant Photographer
  • Mori, Ko as Client
  • Ibrahim, Kenneth as Pastor
  • Sakakibara, Rumi as Neighbor
  • Hartnell, John as Police Man A

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