Dead Mary

For Kim (Dominique Swain) it was supposed to be the perfect reunion and weekend getaway. She and her best friends drive to a remote lakeside cabin to reminisce about their college days. When the group decides to play the ghoulish game “Dead Mary” they mistakenly unleash a vengeful spirit that possesses them one by one. As the demon forces them to turn on one another, each is faced with a choice. Would you hack your best friend to pieces to ensure your own survival? Well…would you?

Dead Mary

Title: Dead Mary

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Horror

    Directors: Wilson, Robert


  • Swain, Dominique as Kim
  • Colburn, Marie-Josée as Eve
  • McCarthy, Steven as Baker
  • Castle, Maggie as Lily
  • Majeski, Michael as Dash
  • Pasternak, Reagan as Amber
  • Brown, Jefferson as Matt

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