Dead Calm

A married couple sail the Pacific Ocean to forget a tragic accident. After a month at sea, they sight a mysterious yacht and are boarded by its lone surviving crew member. When the husband discovers the yacht’s terrible secret, the crewman goes wild, kidnapping his wife and taking his ship. Terror on the high seas is center stage as the husband fights to keep the mystery yacht afloat and his wife battles the psychotic who’s assumed control of their ship.

Dead Calm

Title: Dead Calm

Release Date: 1989

Genres: Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Noyce, Phillip


  • Kidman, Nicole as Rae Ingram
  • Neill, Sam as John Ingram
  • Zane, Billy as Hughie Warriner
  • Mullinar, Rod as Russell Bellows
  • Tilden, Joshua as Danny
  • Shevtsov, George as Doctor
  • Long, Michael as Specialist Doctor
  • Collins, Lisa as ”Orpheus” Cruise Girl
  • Hudson-Brinkley, Paula as ”Orpheus” Cruise Girl
  • Cook, Sharon as ”Orpheus” Cruise Girl
  • Rutter, Malinda as ”Orpheus” Cruise Girl

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