Dawn of the Dead

On a day like any other in the middle of the summer a nurse named Ana just wants to spend some time with her husband,Luis.But something goes horribly wrong when Luis is bitten and Ana has to run to keep from dying.She wrecks her car and is saved by a cop named Kenneth.They run into a small group of survivors consisting of Michael a TV salesmen,Andre a common thug,and Luda who happens to be Andre’s pregnant wife.But what happens when the dead find the mall and have a craving for possibly the only living people left in the world?All Hell breaks loose.A small group of survivors manages to get into the Mall with the others but some are bitten which starts a controversy.Should they be killed or not?And thats just the beginning.You cant forget about the gun salesman,Andy living across the street.But what really gets the most attention is how to get Andy food.Then Nicole takes off for her dog and is cornered by bitten Andy.So the gang sneaks over and stocks up on ammo before killing Andy and saving Nicole.Now the gang runs back to the Mall and leaves in two buses that they heavily armored.The movie ends as they kick off in a boat.The death toll for the group is amazing.Norma,Monica,Michael,CJ,Andy and many others.Will they survive or die?Maybe a sequel will tell.

Dawn of the Dead

Title: Dawn of the Dead

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller

    Directors: Snyder, Zack


  • Polley, Sarah as Ana
  • Rhames, Ving as Kenneth
  • Weber, Jake as Michael
  • Phifer, Mekhi as Andre
  • Burrell, Ty as Steve
  • Kelly, Michael as CJ
  • Zegers, Kevin as Terry
  • Barry, Michael as Bart
  • Booth, Lindy as Nicole
  • Eastwood, Jayne as Norma
  • Banks, Boyd as Tucker
  • Korobkina, Inna as Luda
  • Reid, R.D. as Glen
  • Poirier, Kim as Monica
  • Frewer, Matt as Frank

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