Corruptor, The

A New York police officer (Wahlberg) goes undercover in a dangerous crime scene to investigate abductions and drug-trafficking operations. He obtains backup with the help of another brave Hong Kong police officer (Yun-Fat) who works for the NYPD. They partner up together to stop the operation before the city goes down

. The criminal orginization is called the “Fukanese Dragons” who are likely terrorists and illegal immigrants who are about to tear up Chinatown in New York City.

Corruptor, The

Title: Corruptor, The

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Foley, James


  • Chow, Yun-Fat as Nick Chen
  • Wahlberg, Mark as Danny Wallace
  • Young, Ric as Henry Lee
  • Ben-Victor, Paul as Schabacker
  • Lee, Jonkit as Jack
  • Pang, Andrew as Willy Ung
  • Lindsey, Elizabeth as Louise Deng
  • Cox, Brian as Sean Wallace
  • Mann, Byron as Bobby Vu
  • Chan, Kim as Benny Wong
  • MacDonald, Bill as Vince Kirkpatrick
  • Trinh, Susie as Amy San
  • Chow, Ho as Black Eyes
  • Yap, Olivia as Tai
  • Chiu, Lynda as Kim

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