Max has lived a mundane life as a cab driver for twelve years. The faces have come and gone from his rear-view mirror: people and places he’s long since forgotten—until tonight. Vincent is a contract killer. When an off-shore narco-trafficking cartel learns that they’re about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witness, and the last stage is tonight. It is on this very night that Vincent has arrived—and five bodies are supposed to fall. Circumstances cause Vincent to hijack Max’ taxicab, and Max becomes collateral—an expendable person who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the night, Vincent forces Max to drive him to each assigned destination. And as the L.A.P.D. and F.B.I. race to intercept them, Max and Vincent’s survival become dependent on each other, in ways neither would have imagined.


Title: Collateral

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Mann, Michael


  • Cruise, Tom as Vincent
  • Foxx, Jamie as Max
  • Pinkett Smith, Jada as Annie
  • Ruffalo, Mark as Fanning
  • Berg, Peter as Richard Weidner
  • McGill, Bruce as Pedrosa
  • Hall, Irma P. as Ida
  • Henley, Barry Shabaka as Daniel
  • Jones, Richard T. as Traffic Cop #1
  • Scott, Klea as Fed #1
  • Elfman, Bodhi as Young Professional Man
  • Mazar, Debi as Young Professional Woman
  • Bardem, Javier as Felix
  • Rivera, Emilio as Paco
  • McBride, Jamie as Traffic Cop #2

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