Collateral Damage

Firefighter Gordon Brewer is plunged into the complex and dangerous world of international terrorism after he loses his wife and child in a bombing credited to Claudio “The Wolf” Perrini. Frustrated with the official investigation and haunted by the thought that the man responsible for murdering his family might never be brought to justice, Brewer takes matters into his own hands and tracks his quarry ultimately to Colombia.

Collateral Damage

Title: Collateral Damage

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Action, Thriller

    Directors: Davis, Andrew


  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold as Gordy Brewer
  • Neri, Francesca as Selena Perrini
  • Koteas, Elias as Peter Brandt
  • Curtis, Cliff as Claudio Perrini
  • Leguizamo, John as Felix Ramirez
  • Turturro, John as Sean Armstrong
  • Garcia, Jsu as Roman
  • Posey, Tyler as Mauro
  • Milhoan, Michael as Jack
  • Worthy, Rick as Ronnie
  • Cruz, Raymond as Junior
  • Frost, Lindsay as Anne Brewer
  • Dampf, Ethan as Matt Brewer
  • Zepeda, Jorge as Rocha
  • Sandoval, Miguel as Joe Phipps

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