Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Story of a group of U.S. movie moguls who arrive in the UK to shoot a mvoie about the great English wartime prime minister. On arrival for the first day of the shoot, however, the filmmakers discover the actor playing Churchill to be a robust, unattractive cigar-smoker and decide to replace him with a better-looking, more virile actor

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Title: Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Comedy, War

    Directors: Richardson, Peter


  • Culshaw, Jon as Prime Minister
  • Hill, Tom Clarke as Lieutenant Baker
  • McColl, Hamish as Captain Davies
  • Slater, Christian as Winston Churchill
  • Malco, Romany as Denzil Eisenhower
  • Rake, Simon as Reporter 1
  • Long, James as Reporter 2
  • Putnam, James as Reporter 3
  • Mortimer, Bob as Potter
  • Reeves, Vic as Bendle
  • Campbell, Neve as Princess Elizabeth
  • Enfield, Harry as King George V
  • Oyelowo, Jessica as Princess Margret
  • Phillips, Leslie as Lord W”ruff
  • Harrison, Nigel as Jack

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