Chronicles of Riddick, The

Riddick, now a hunted man, finds himself in the middle of two opposing forces in a major crusade. ‘Colm Feore’ (qv) plays Lord Marshal, a warrior priest who is the leader of a sect that is waging the tenth and perhaps final crusade 500 years in the future. ‘Judi Dench’ (qv) is Aereon, an ambassador from the Elemental race

. She is an ethereal being who helps Riddick unearth his origins.

Chronicles of Riddick, The

Title: Chronicles of Riddick, The

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Directors: Twohy, David


  • Diesel, Vin as Riddick
  • Feore, Colm as Lord Marshal
  • Newton, Thandie as Dame Vaako
  • Dench, Judi as Aereon
  • Urban, Karl as Vaako
  • Davalos, Alexa as Kyra
  • Roache, Linus as Purifier
  • Wageningen, Yorick van as The Guv
  • Chinlund, Nick as Toombs
  • David, Keith as Imam
  • Gibbon, Mark as Irgun
  • Cross, Roger R. as Toal
  • Chen, Terry as Merc Pilot
  • Cox, Christina as Eve Logan
  • Vonas, Nigel as Merc

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