Christmas Vacation

It’s Christmas time – Clark decided to invite all the family to have ‘the most fun-filled old-fashioned family Christmas’, which nobody shall ever forget. When the first relatives arrive, Clark soon flees on the roof to rig the lighting. The one thing the loving father wants to surprise the whole family with is the installation of a pool, which he already ordered. Unfortunately, the bonus check Clark expects any minute is overdue – and tempers rise, but not only because of the check. A big event is the arrival of uninvited cousin Eddie with his family in their mobile home, as well as a little sledding afternoon with a new lubricant from Clark’s company, or his shifting relationship with the very hip and clean neighbours. Cousin Eddie chooses to top off all presents with his very own special creation, only intending to deliver a real reason to be jolly.

Christmas Vacation

Title: Christmas Vacation

Release Date: 1989

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Chechik, Jeremiah S.


  • Chase, Chevy as Clark Griswold
  • D”Angelo, Beverly as Ellen Griswold
  • Lewis, Juliette as Audrey Griswold
  • Galecki, Johnny as Russell ”Rusty” Griswold
  • Randolph, John as Clark Wilhelm Griswold, Sr.
  • Ladd, Diane as Nora Griswold
  • Marshall, E.G. as Art Smith
  • Roberts, Doris as Frances Smith
  • Quaid, Randy as Cousin Eddie Johnson
  • Flynn, Miriam as Cousin Catherine Johnson
  • Burger, Cody as Cousin Rocky Johnson
  • Latzen, Ellen Hamilton as Cousin Ruby Sue Johnson
  • Hickey, William as Uncle Lewis
  • Questel, Mae as Aunt Bethany
  • McMurray, Sam as Bill

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