Christie’s Revenge

19-year-old CHRISTIE COLEMAN has had a difficult life. After her mother divorced her father RICHARD, Christie was the only one to stand by him despite the fact that everything in Richard’s life seemed to be going downhill. Shortly before his suicide, Christie overheard that Richard’s successful brother RAY, an OB/GYN in Philadelphia, refused to loan Richard money to help him out. Christie, only 16 at the time, was the one to find her father’s body when he shot himself, and vowed at that moment, to someday take revenge on the man she blamed for his demise Uncle Ray. \n\nThree years later, Christie sets her plan to ruin Ray’s life and make his murder look like a suicide, into motion. While attending a prestigious university near Ray’s house, she moves in with him and his family his beautiful wife MIRANDA and their rebellious teen daughter HALEY. And it’s right about that time that things start to go tremendously wrong for Ray…

Christie's Revenge

Title: Christie’s Revenge

Release Date: 2007


    Directors: Jackson, Douglas


  • Cynthia Gibb as Miranda
  • Graham, Allison as Renee
  • Boulanger, Jamieson
  • Huard, Claude as Cafe Patron
  • Shipp, John Wesley
  • Beauchamp, Josée as Cafe Patron
  • Bovaird, Annie as Haley
  • Gendron, Sophie as Janet Michaels
  • Kind, Danielle
  • Phillips, Anastasia
  • Tilson, Amanda as Tina

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