Brewster’s Millions

Montgomery “Monty” Brewster is a baseball player who has going back and forth from the minors to the majors for nearly 15 years. After getting into a brawl in a bar, he and his friend end up in jail, his team has not only decided not bail him out but to cut him. At his hearing Monty doesn’t know what to do but a man who has been following him for sometime appears in court and offers to pay his bail. Monty assumes that it’s a baseball scout but when they arrive at where they were going, Monty is taken to a law office and informed that he is the sole heir of a man who is one of the richest men in the country, who is also his long lost uncle. His uncle’s last will and testament is that Monty must spend 30 millions dollars in 30 days, if which he accomplishes, he will get 300 million. But at the end of 30 days he must not own anything. He also must not give the money away and must not destroy anything valuable and he also cannot tell anyone why he is spending all this money. He thinks that he’s on his way to doing that but Spike unwittingly invests some of the money and recoups everything that Monty has spent. And he also doesn’t exactly have the support of the lawyers, cause is he fails they take control of the estate and give themselves a healthy fee for ahndling it. And also a lot of people especially the woman he is attracted to, thinks he is jerk.

Brewster's Millions

Title: Brewster’s Millions

Release Date: 1985

Genres: Comedy

    Directors: Hill, Walter


  • Pryor, Richard as Montgomery Brewster
  • Candy, John as Spike Nolan
  • McKee, Lonette as Angela Drake
  • Collins, Stephen as Warren Cox
  • Orbach, Jerry as Charley Pegler
  • Hingle, Pat as Edward Roundfield
  • Feldshuh, Tovah as Marilyn
  • Cronyn, Hume as Rupert Horn
  • Grifasi, Joe as J.B. Donaldo
  • Jason, Peter as Chuck Fleming
  • White, David as George Granville
  • Dempsey, Jerome as Baxter
  • Wohl, David as Eugene Prevost
  • Cumbuka, Ji-Tu as Melvin
  • Kogan, Milt as Heller

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