Breed, The

Two close brothers, Matt and John head to an exotic island for a week of fun and relaxation. Joined by Matt’s girlfriend Nicki, John’s girlfriend Sara and a friend Noah, the group intend on having a week of relaxation, fun and spending quality time together. However, after one of them is viciously attacked by a dog, the friends decide to leave the island early – only to find their plane wrecked. As the day goes on, the friends find themselves fighting for their lives against a vicious pack of mutated dogs – hundreds of them, who don’t intend on the group making it out alive off the island…

Breed, The

Title: Breed, The

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Horror

    Directors: Mastandrea, Nicholas


  • Rodriguez, Michelle as Nicki
  • Lively, Eric as Matt
  • Hudson, Oliver as John
  • Manning, Taryn as Sara
  • Harper, Hill as Noah

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