Blue Streak

Miles Logan is a jewel thief. Things go awry while he’s stealing a huge diamond in downtown L.A.: a thief, Deacon, tries a double-cross, the police arrive, and Miles is arrested, but not before he hides the jewel in an air duct of a building under construction. Two years’ later, he’s out of prison and he heads for the site: it’s L.A.’s new police headquarters! Posing as a reassigned cop, Miles gets into the building, but before he can recover the swag, he’s partnered with a naive detective and sent out to investigate burglaries. With Deacon on his trail, he must recover the diamond, keep the cops fooled, and do a few good deeds as a detective who can think like a criminal.

Blue Streak

Title: Blue Streak

Release Date: 1999

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Mayfield, Les


  • Lawrence, Martin as Miles Logan
  • Wilson, Luke as Carlson
  • Greene, Peter as Deacon
  • Chappelle, Dave as Tulley
  • Parker, Nicole Ari as Melissa Green
  • Beckel, Graham as Rizzo
  • Miranda, Robert as Glenfiddish
  • Krupa, Olek as Jean LaFleur
  • Guerra, Saverio as Benny
  • Sarafian, Richard C. as Uncle Lou
  • Jones, Tamala as Janiece
  • Mechoso, Julio Oscar as Detective Diaz
  • Rankin, Steve as FBI Agent Gray
  • Argenziano, Carmen as Captain Penelli
  • Hawkes, John as Eddie

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