Big Bounce, The

Surfer/drifter/con man Jack Ryan (Wilson) makes his way to Hawaii and lands a job caring for an Walter Crewes (Freeman), a judge on the island. His new gig leads to an involvement with an beautiful, enterprising woman (Foster), who’s really the lover of a real estate tycoon (Sinise) – a shady businessman and longtime rival of Judge Crewes. Ryan, naturally, has to choose between the woman, the money, or the honorable path.

Big Bounce, The

Title: Big Bounce, The

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Armitage, George


  • Wilson, Owen as Jack Ryan
  • Helemano, Butch as Hawaiian Priest
  • Sheen, Charlie as Bob Rogers, Jr.
  • Jones, Vinnie as Lou Harris
  • Sporleder, Gregory as Frank Pizzarro
  • Ahue, Terry as Jimmy Opono
  • Johnson, Pete as Con Nuuiwa
  • Renfro, Mike as Worker #1
  • Dorsett, Tony as Worker #2
  • Keaulana, Brian L. as Barry Salu
  • Freeman, Morgan as Walter Crewes
  • Nelson, Willie as Joe Lurie
  • Wilson, Andrew as Ned Coleman
  • Foster, Sara as Nancy Hayes
  • Sinise, Gary as Ray Ritchie

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