Beetle Juice

After Barbara and Adam Maitland were killed in a car crash, they find themselves trapped as ghosts in their beautiful New England farmhouse. Their peace is disrupted when a yuppie family, the Deetzs, buy their house. The Maitlands are too nice and harmless as ghosts and all their efforts to scare the Deetzs away were unsuccessful. They eventually turn to another ghost ‘Beetlejuice’ for help..

Beetle Juice

Title: Beetle Juice

Release Date: 1988

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

    Directors: Burton, Tim


  • Baldwin, Alec as Adam
  • Davis, Geena as Barbara
  • McEnroe, Annie as Jane Butterfield
  • Page, Maurice as Ernie
  • Stanger, Hugo as Old Bill
  • Keaton, Michael as Beetlegeuse
  • Mittelman, Rachel as Little Jane
  • O”Hara, Catherine as Delia
  • Saunders, J. Jay as Moving Man #1
  • Ettlinger, Mark as Moving Man #2
  • Jones, Jeffrey as Charles
  • Ryder, Winona as Lydia
  • Shadix, Glenn as Otho
  • Martinez, Patrice as Receptionist
  • Daly, Cindy as 3 Fingered Typist

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